Purchase Fees

Real Estate Tax

The Real Estate Tax shall be paid to the competent DPO before the contract is signed so that at the end of the contract there is proof of payment of the tax. The   tax shall be calculated by the notary according to the value of the  property as specified in the contract.

In the housing market, the rate of tax is 3%.

For the purchase of new buildings (other than the first residence) with a construction permit from 1 January 2006 onwards, the tax shall be converted into VAT of 24%.
VAT is also charged to the creditor in the case of the compensation.


The brokering fee is 2% of the actual price and is charged 24% of VAT. Payment is made when the contract is signed.

Accordingly, the fee for the brokering fee for the rental of a property is now 24% VAT.


The costs of the Department are set at 4,5 per cent of the value of the  property as it appears in the contract, and are the responsibility of the   buyer. Each certificate issued has a cost of about € 5 (varies by department).


The purchaser also bears the fees of his lawyer for  checking the validation of property claims which are approximately 1 to 2% of the price. Lawyers’ fees may vary upwards depending on the case and the overall services.


The notarial costs are borne by the buyer and on average amount to 1, with the percentage reduced as the higher price indicated in the            contract increases. In addition, the purchaser shall bear the above proportional fee for copies of contracts, real estate tax, declarations, etc.

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