Legal auditing

The lawyer is in charge of legal control. After agreement between the two parties to the price of the property, it is recommended that the property and its securities check be audited.

The lawyer must examine:

The legal status of the property in the competent office. If the price of its own purchase is receipted or there is some claim, a mortgage or some claims or actions at the expense of the property. With great care, in order to see the legality of the way of acquiring the property to be transferred to the franchisor. The building permit of the property in the competent authority to determine whether it is arbitrary or not, if there are any conurbations or overruns in relation to the permit.

The technical inspection shall be carried out by the civil engineer or architect.

Technical inspection is not mandatory but in some cases it is recommended that the state of the property is in accordance with the planning rules and does not have any structural or static problems. We also confirm the quality of construction of the property and any exceedances or breaches of premises. Land-building and property obligations are controlled in the case of land.

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