• In leases, the term of the lease by law is 3 years whether the lease is less or longer.
  • If both parties so wish, the lease may be agreed for a further period of  three years.
  • Professional leases bear a stamp of 3,6% and are usually paid by the lessee.
  • The contract must specify the use of the salary. The rent may not be used for activities not described in the lease.
  • It is obligatory to register the contract with taxinet within 30 days of its signature by the lessor who is to be registered by the lessee, otherwise for any delay a fine is paid.
  • Usually it is paid between one and two leases as a guarantee.
  • The annual rent increase rate is normally set at 2 – 2,5% and usually does not exceed 5%.
  • In order to sublease the site, the lessee should agree a related sublease right in the lease contract.

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